About Quail Meadows West

Quail Meadows West is a group of 115 homes but a community of neighbors who feel life should be lived within a social framework. Gated and impeccably maintained this wonderful community offers many activities and amenities not found in your typical association. We enjoy our community clubhouse, swim in the heated swimming pool, bask in the large spa or play billiards in the media library.

2020 July Letter From QMW HOA President Michael Anderson

Thank You All! 

The street slurry came out well and everyone (almost) worked hard to comply with moving cars and understanding the needs of the community as a whole. We still have a few people parking on the streets & guest parking and we as a board will be tasked to rewrite our Rules and Regulations based on the few that refuse to stay off the streets overnight or out of the guest parking. If you own a truck, please make sure it is NOT sticking out into the streets. Our streets are not all-day parking spots and are meant for loading and unloading. Garages are for your vehicles and not living quarters or storage. Please read the CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations regarding cars and parking. 

Our clubhouse and pool are still closed by order of the state. Therefore, I currently don’t see a way to have our annual 4th of July party. 

We did have a tree come down in the high winds and we will remove it as fast as possible. Please be careful for any fallen debris. 

Once again, we are asking for volunteers for the board. We will be holding elections this year and we need your help. If you have interest in becoming part of the management of this community, now is the time to let us know. We will be sending out requests for nominations.

Your Board of Directors & HOA

Your homeowner’s association is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation, of which you are a member. The common areas in your community are the assets that this corporation (your HOA) is responsible for managing. Therefore, your assessments directly support the programs and services that preserve the property values of the homes in your community. As a non-profit mutual benefit corporation with a volunteer board of directors, none of the members of the board receive compensation for their service – all of the membership assessments are funneled back into amenities and services that protect your home’s equity. Where do HOA Assessments go? There are two parts to your HOA’s annual budget: operations and reserves. Both play a critical role in preserving your home’s value. Operations are the monthly expenses that fund the daily operations of the association and include things like the landscaping contract and materials, insurance, utilities etc. Reserve funding is typically a very large part of what comprises your monthly assessments. Reserves represent the long-term savings plan that your HOA uses to proactively cover major repairs and replacements of common area components. Because your board has a fiduciary responsibility to manage your funds and property, setting reserves is an important part of responsible planning and maintenance. Reserves cover replacement of most of your HOA’s major maintenance components, including, pool, spa, clubhouse, streets, painting, and tree trimming, walking trail and so much more.  

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on our daily lives including many people’s income. The Board of Directors must balance their compassion for their fellow neighbors with their fiduciary obligation to protect the financial well-being of the association. The association must be able to maintain cash flow to pay utility bills, insurance, landscape maintenance and other expenses necessary to protect property values and provide for a safe community. Therefore, associations are typically unable to waive all or even some of the monthly assessment. 

M. Anderson 

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