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Quail Meadows West is a group of 115 homes but a community of neighbors who feel life should be lived within a social framework. Gated and impeccably maintained this wonderful community offers many activities and amenities not found in your typical association. We enjoy our community clubhouse, swim in the heated swimming pool, bask in the large spa or play billiards in the media library.

2019 March Letter From QMW HOA President Michael Anderson

Purple FlowerSpring has come to Quail Meadows West!

With all the rain comes a welcome relief for some of our drought. We still need to be mindful of our water use. We will continue to work on our HOA landscaping to save water when and where we can.

I wanted to share with you again the permit requirements from the city of S.M. and what DOES require a permit. We all know that a completely new building or an addition to an existing building requires a building permit. However, did you know that a building permit is also required to be issued by the Building & Safety Division prior to:

  • Replacing or moving your water heater.
  • Replacing or installing a new wall or forced air furnace.
  • Replacing or installing a fireplace insert.
  • Installing new ceiling fans, bathroom fans, outdoor lighting (except low voltage), replacement or new wiring, or new receptacles and/or switches.
  • Replacing or installing a spa including portable units that utilize existing exterior outlets.
  • Replacing or installing block walls above 3’ in height.
  • Remodeling or adding onto your home.
  • Installing drywall in your garage.
  • Replacing or installing new windows.
  • Replacing an existing window with a door.

Can an unlicensed handyman legally do any type of work as long as the work does not exceed $500? No. In accordance with current California law, an unlicensed handyman may only perform work that is “casual, minor or inconsequential in nature.” Note that the $500 limit includes both labor and materials, unlicensed handymen are required to disclose to consumers that they are not licensed by the State Contractors License Board.

Is it true a contractor’s License is not required if the work to be performed is under $500? Yes, B&P section 7048 (small operations) provided an exemption from a licensure for minor work if the aggregate contract price, including labor, materials, etc. is less than $500. This exemption does not apply if the “minor work is part of a larger project. Example: A homeowner is having a kitchen remodeled at a total cost of $6000 and decides to sublet the flooring work which is only $300. The person doing the flooring would not be exempt from licensure because the overall cost of the project was over $500. In addition jobs cannot be broken down into hourly fees in order to sidestep the $500 threshold.

Be safe out there on our new streets. They will be working hard (weather permitting) to get our streets done. We will also be adding new stop signs around the neighborhood to slow the traffic. PLEASE make an effort to abide by the rules, stop at all stop signs and keep your speed down to 15 mph.

M. Anderson

If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito…Dalai Lama

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